About Us

Hutch’s Transmission Service was started in 1990 as a performance Transmission and vehicle repair shop by John Hutchinson. In 1995 the racing transmission work was too much to handle and the decision was made to move the shop to a bigger location (3500 sq/ft) and just do racing transmissions, parts sales, and service.


We are a specialty shop and focus mainly on drag race transmissions but also do performance rebuilding, custom prototype work, restoration, manufacturing and design consultation.


We are also the only SFI Recertification center in Canada for Reid racing transmissions and JW products (Ultracase and Ultrabell). We are a small family run shop. Michelle Hutchinson (Wife) takes care of the office duties and shipping dept while Mark Hutchinson (Son) and John Hutchinson (Owner) try to keep up with the work in the shop.


We have hundreds of customers world wide who use our transmissions, and strive to build the very best there is to offer at competitive pricing.

Canadian based transmission shop specializing in racing transmissions.  We custom build transmissions for everyone from bracket racers to 3000+ HP professional race teams.

- Prices in USD.
- Prices are subject to change without notice.
- USA made products shipped in USA will be subject to discounts.
- Any goods shipped out of their own country of manufacture will be subject to price change.
- Email for quotes on goods needed.
- Discounts on multiple item purchases.
- We accept Visa and Mastercard.


425 First st
London Ontario Canada