2-Speed Turbo 400 Racing Transmission

$4,000.00 Starting at

The latest craze in the industry has been the 2spd T400.

We have been testing and perfecting the design for the past 6 years and have a huge headstart on many designs and attempts being made in the market today. This trans utilizes a standard forward pattern shifter and has a clean neutral option for the finish line. Available ratios are 1.31 , 1.35 , 1.40, 1.48 and 1.57. This is available in standard length or powerglide length. Input shaft options include a standard 30 spline,optional 35 spline (1.125″) and the monster 1.250″ shaft for serious power. Mainshaft technology and material use is a state of the art design and has proven for years to outlast anything available. The base model includes REM finished gears and 1.48 gear ratio.

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