3-Speed Turbo 400 Racing Transmission


This is the basic TH400 transbrake unit with a JW UltraBell installed. The standard unit is a select core, race-prepped trans case with all surfaces polished for seals and lapped to ensure an excellent seal in the valve body area. Rear Torrington bearings installed, modified planetary to reduce carrier end play and maintain concentricity. All piston and pressure plates are machined and steels are resurfaced for racing tolerances. Raybestos or Borg Warner clutches throughout, direct drum machined, and races prepped for HD sprag assembly with tru-arc retaining ring installed. Deep pan, oil pickup, and locking dipstick tubes are standard with no extra charges. Transbrake is a pro fluid release and is custom tuned to each customer’s application. The standard unit has been successful in heavy cars running in the low 9-second zone.

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