EA/Griner 4L80E “Billet 80″ Transbrake Valve Body

$895.00 Each

Extreme Automatic’s 4L80E Billet Aluminum Reverse Manual with Transbrake was designed from clean sheet of paper. It features a Pro Tree Solenoid and designed for lightning-fast reaction. It works works well on the Street and at the Track. This is the only 4L80E Pro Transbrake available and is a direct replacement for the 1991 to 2010 4L80E valve body.  This valve body is available with and without engine braking.

  • Full Manual Reverse Pattern
  • No Shift Computer Required
  • No Moving Parts
  • No Electrical Parts for Shifting
  • Retains Lockup Function 4th Gear Only
  • Available with or without Engine Braking
  • Backs up from Reverse Shifter Position
  • Adjustable Pressure from 150-300 psi
  • Rock Steady Pressure Regulation
  • Shifts on Command
  • Includes Billet Aluminum Bulkhead Connector
  • Requires NO special boost valves
  • Can be Used With a Stock Pan
  • The transmission does not need to be removed from the vehicle!
  • Typically 1 Hour Installation
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