Sonnax Torqueflite 727 Smart-Tech® Input Shaft & Piston Kit 22119B-02K

$1,025.00 Each

Based on an ultra-durable, one-piece forging, Sonnax Smart-Tech input shaft and piston kit 22119B-02K has a hub with longer direct (front) clutch splines. Combining longer splines with a thinner billet aluminum direct piston allows for one extra (OE thickness) direct friction plate, while keeping original thickness steels, backing plate, original waved retaining ring and OE clutch clearances.

Some common aftermarket modifications designed to include extra clutches require reduced steel thickness and decrease the heat absorption capacity of the clutch pack; others reduce clearance and eliminate the waved retaining ring, which contributes to excessive 2-3 shift overlap. The Sonnax kit avoids these problems by increasing the number of frictions, adding to the steel mass of the clutch pack, and maintaining the original thickness backing plate and clearances for the optimum combination of increased capacity and durability in Chrysler A727 units.

  • Kit increases direct clutch capacity by 20%
  • Custom forged from ultra-high strength 300M steel
  • One-piece design eliminates weak connection between input shaft and forward clutch hub
  • No change to backing plate thickness or retaining ring
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